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Who Are We?

SweetZekes Coffee Company is fondly named after Uncle Zeke, the coffee connoisseur of the family, whose passion for great coffee was only rivaled by his love for his family and his love and commitment to his hometown. "Zeke" was instrumental in keeping his city vibrant by attracting businesses to the central business district and enhancing the local economy and the community.  Whether at work, home, or in the community, Zeke brought people together with his business knowledge, warm smile and always a great "cup of joe". 

SweetZekes Coffee Company is a micro roaster of the highest quality, high altitude, green arabica coffee beans, grown by dedicated coffee farmers in all the unique and special coffee growing regions of our world.  We roast small batches of coffee at a time, based on our customers requests, so that we may offer our customers the freshest coffee possible for their drinking enjoyment.  Also, to introduce our customers to different flavor profiles of coffee, we routinely change our coffee selections to allow our customers the opportunity to take their coffee tasting journey to a different coffee region of the world.

We roast each coffee bean to its own unique roasting profile, which captures, and highlights the distinct aroma and flavor characteristics of the coffee bean and the particular diverse coffee growing region of its origin.  

We preserve the quality and freshness of your coffee beans by packaging your beans immediately after roasting, in industry technology gas-valve bags.  Since fresh roasted coffee beans naturally release carbon dioxide, the gas-valve bags allow excessive carbon dioxide to escape, while protecting the coffee beans from oxygen and moisture. It is important to keep your coffee beans in its gas-valve bag to ensure you experience the SweetZekes Promise - high standard roasting principles and exceptional tasting, high quality coffee.

Our coffee roast selections include: Light Roast, Medium Roast, and Dark Roast.  The description of each coffee and its roast profile can be found as you preview our Shopping Cart page.