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Coffee Story
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SweetZekes sources only the highest quality, high altitude grown green arabicas that the world has to offer. There is no question that the deep rich soil and the micro-climate of these diverse coffee growing regions contributes to the robust, flavorful coffee cherries that these special coffee trees produce. We currently source our green coffee beans from select purveyors who secure coffee beans from AfricaLatin America, and Indonesia
​     According to history, Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee.  The captivating discovery of coffee is about an Ethiopian boy herder and his dancing goats.  As the story is told, a goatherd named Kaldi, who also loved poetry and music, oftentimes playing his pipe as he tended to his herd, would venture everywhere with his goat friends.  Kaldi's goats were quite adventuresome, and would quickly wander along the mountain paths, far away from Kaldi, foraging for food.  No worry though, Kaldi would just sound his pipe and along came his goats.
     One day, however, Kaldi sounded his pipe and his goats did not appear.  Curious and perplexed, Kaldi continued to blow his pipe, but still his goats were not to be found.  Kaldi went further into the mountains, and to his surprise he saw his herd of goats dancing on their hind legs, butting one another, and eating the green leaves and red berries from a tree that he had never seen before.  Kaldi was sure his goats were going to die.  However, the next morning his goats were just fine, and, in fact, his heard raced back to the same tree of red berries and began eating again.  This time Kaldi joined his herd, and enjoyed the mild sweet taste of the berries so much, that he decided to eat the seeds. Kaldi suddenly became just as jubilant as his goats, and began singing poetry and playing his pipe.  Kaldi felt so happy, and as though he would never, ever be tired again.  Kaldi told his father about the magical trees, and soon coffee was a part of  his village's eating and drinking ceremonies.  The rest of the story is history, as coffee spread from the Ethiopian culture to the rest of the world.