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    Coffee Blends
  • Espresso Roast 1/2 lb.

    Blend of dark Indonesian and Central American coffee beans. Full-bodied, with smooth, sweet, carmel notes and a hint of bittersweet chocolate. Indulge in a single shot or two of espresso or marry with milk for your favorite cappuccino or latte.

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  • SweetZekes Breakfast Blend 1/2 lb.

    Blend of East African and Latin American coffee beans. Light-bodied, mild and flavorful, with a hint of citrus notes. A bright way to start your day.

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  • SweetZekes Signature Blend 1/2 lb.

    Blend of Indonesian and East African coffee beans. Medium-bodied, smooth and rich flavor like a well-aged cabernet. Exudes complexity, yet simple harmony and an earthy balance. Indulge your specialty cafe experience without leaving your soft chair, slippers, and a great book.

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